​About Us

Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing is the premiere mobile car detailing service in the Atlanta metropolitan area. We specialize in car scratch removal and ceramic coating for your vehicles. Our detailers are versed in caring for boats, cars, motorcycles, and RVs. After ten years in the car detailing business we have perfected our techniques and discovered the best products and solutions to use on your vehicle for optimum results. We have four professional detailers on our team which allow us to be in multiple places at one time. One of the keys to our success is the use of deionized water. This water allows us to operate more efficiently because we don’t have to spend valuable time and labor trying to remove water stains from your vehicle after we’ve rinsed it. Increased efficiency translates to lower prices.

You have a romantic anniversary weekend planned on Lake Oconee. The plan is to drive the boat down on Friday and return on Monday. The only hitch is that your boat has been parked in your driveway all winter. Although you covered it, dirt, dust and plant debris still managed to make it under the cover. You can’t take your lady out in a filthy boat. That’s when you call Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing to get your baby glistening again. Our expert detailer will take his time to carefully clean the interior vinyl and have your metal shining in the afternoon sun.

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