​Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a revolution in car detailing. This ceramic spray has the capability of repelling water and moisture for one to seven years – Amazing! Our clients love this product because it prevents bird droppings, tree sap, tar and dust from adhering to your car’s surface. This miracle application is scratch and UV resistant. Your car will look new as long as you own it. Ceramic coatings can be applied in multiple layers to increase its protective characteristics. If your car’s paint job is a bit worn, we can apply the ceramic coating to renew the paint color. Ceramic coatings give your car a high gloss shine.

Paint Layers

Most paint failure happens in the clear coat. Ceramic Coating is applied on top of the clear coat after all the dirt has been removed from the top surface and within the valleys of the scratches. You never know what happens to your car when you give it to the valet. Have you ever retrieved your car from the valet after being in a restaurant or gym for hours and when you op in, you can tell that the heater has been running and your car smells like food? It’s obvious that the valet was eating and sleeping in your car but did he also take it for a joy ride? You will never know, but if he happens to drive or park recklessly, at least you will have the confidence to know that your paint is protected.

Paint Failure Causes

Harmful UV rays, an accumulation of mars, scratches, swirls and dings coupled with neglect will cause paint failure. A thorough cleaning and ceramic coat application can save your car from paint failure. Even when you wash your car with the best solutions, dirt is still lodged within the scratches of your top coat. We prepare your car for the ceramic coating by claying your car. The clay removes the dirt lodged deep in your car’s top coat. The Ceramic coating is applied afterwards to seal your paint and prevent any dirt, dust or graffiti from penetrating your paint’s top coat.

The Process

Ceramic coating can be applied to any vehicle from motorcycles to RVs. We start by pre-washing your vehicle. Our detailers perform a deeper clean by focusing on individual sections. An iron oxide fallout remover is applied and removed to prevent rust. After your vehicle is re-dried, a clay bar is activated in sections. Now your car is prepped and ready for the ceramic coating. There are many different types of ceramic coatings on the market. Self healing nano coating is a product that works by heating your car’s paint surface to 60 degrees. The atoms within the coating are activated and they literally heal any scratches and marring within the top coat.

The Tools for the Job

The tools used for applying ceramic coating are simple. All you need is the right ceramic product for your vehicle and a foam applicator. You’ve got a week long road trip planned to New Orleans to see your kinfolk. Seven hours one way and four hundred and seventy miles later, your car will be lodged with bugs, tar, oil, dirt, dust and bird droppings. It’s to be expected on a long trip but before you hop on I-85S, schedule a ceramic coating for your vehicle. The entire process takes less than a couple of hours, and you are guaranteed to have a glossy surface that will repel all manner of contaminates.

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