Exterior Detail

Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing cleans and protects the paint of all vehicles. From boats, to cars, motorcycles, RVs and vans. All of these vehicles have one thing in common, they have a paint surface that is worthy of protecting. Each presents its own set of challenges and have varying levels of exposure to the elements. At Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing, we have devised the perfect cleaning and protection system specific for each type of vehicle. This formula is customized based upon its condition, storage location, frequency of use and material of assembly.

The Science of Paint

Let’s talk paint for a moment because most people have no idea how car paint is applied or how it works. There are four layers to any factory paint job. The bottom layer is known as the substrate. The layer above that is the primer and as with priming paint for your home, this layer prepares the surface to receive and hold the paint color. The top layer is the clear coat that makes your paint shine and glisten in the sun. Your clear coat comprises 45-55% of your paint’s composition. The paint that is applied at the factory level is designed to last for the duration of your vehicle’s life.

The Life and Death of Your Paint

Nature and natural wear and tear play a big role in the life and death of your paint. Fortunately, our temperatures in Atlanta are not so extreme that we have to go to drastic measures. However, we do experience four seasons with temperatures that range from 33 degrees to 90. With each temperature adjustment, your paint expands and contracts. When your paint surface experiences a mar, ding, swirl or scratch it can appear dirty because at a microscopic level, dirt and tar get trapped in the valleys of the imperfection and rest there. Once light hits the paint it diffuses, which causes your otherwise flawless vehicle to look dirty. Bird droppings, intense sun, cold temperatures, minor and major impact, the sea and salt air have the propensity to destroy your vehicle’s paint.

The Remedy

Fortunately, we have a specially formulated system to keep your paint, glass, tires and upholstery looking like new. Even if your vehicle has been sitting for a while with zero maintenance, we have the solutions and equipment to restore it. Boats live on the sea and are exposed to salt water, sea air and intense sun. RVs travel across the country for thousands of miles picking up bugs, tar, grit, oil and other debris. We possess the right tools to keep all vehicles in tip top condition. From foam washers to compressors, dual action buffers, solutions and compounds, we know how and when to use them to achieve maximum results.

Protect Your Investment

Other than your home, your car may be your most expensive asset. Protect your investment by contracting a regular maintenance schedule with Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing. We make maintaining your vehicle worry free. We come to you with all the necessary equipment and solutions. With a maintenance schedule, you don’t even have to think about it. Our detailers show up ready to work and on time. We are car nerds and spend our free time researching new chemicals and methods to make your vehicle look better than it did when you drove it off the lot. From ceramic coatings to clay bars and mitts with lambs wool, we’ve got the tools to protect your investment.

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