​Interior Detail

The interior of your car has more bacteria than your toilet seat. It’s disgusting to think about but in reality you clean your toilet seat more than you clean your car’s interior. If your car is a commuter car it is definitely more dirty than a show car because you are using it daily for practical purposes. We eat in our cars, shave, transport sweaty kids to and from soccer practice and sometimes the baby may have a diaper accident. We’ve all seen those people who pick their noses in the car – we know you’re not one of them. Where does all the hair, skin flakes, dirt and bacteria go? It lands on your dashboard, steering wheel, upholstery, carpet and seat belts.

Beginning Process

We begin by removing all personal items, mats and trash from your vehicle. Our detailers then vacuum the entire vehicle, moving seats in the process to access all areas. We then start on the upholstery. Whether you have vinyl, microfiber or leather upholstery, we use a combination of brushes, solutions and microfiber towels to clean and restore it. Detailing is not a complicated process but if we find that a particular solution is not working, we employ another strategy. We have never met a stain we could not remove or a car we could not clean like new.

Carpet, Trim and Headliners

The carpet cleaning and upholstery typically take the most time. This is where the majority of the dirt is deposited. We are careful to clean the carpet without destroying the loops in the fiber. We utilize a vacuum, brush and cleaning solution combination to get the job done. You will be amazed at how pristine we can get your old carpet. At Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing, we don’t neglect the headlining. Dirty hands and hair products can stain your headlining. It’s not an easy job, but we pay special attention to this area. The trim is typically made of acrylic and plastic. We use an oil based solution designed to make your trimming shine without over drying it.

Vents, Loading Area and Trunk

Contaminated and clean air passes through your vents, along with skin flakes, dust mites and hair particles. We use a small soft brush and miniature vacuum hose to clean your vents. The loading area is crucial because this is where you and your passengers place your feet upon entering and exiting the vehicle. We use a disinfectant cleaning solution because of the amount of dirt and mud that settles there. The product is applied by hand and removed with a pressure washer. We tend to throw everything in the trunk and forget about it. Our detailers take their time and steam clean the carpeting in your trunk.

The Finishing Touches

Our detailers take their time with your mats. We typically find gum, oil, grease and mud once we commence the cleaning process. This requires a dry vacuum, followed by a steam clean. We will steam clean your rugs repeatedly until we achieve the desired result. Your detailer applies a dressing to the dash and steering wheel so that it is moisturized and renewed with a shiny finish. It took us some time to perfect our glass cleaning method. We use a two step method to get your glass streak free on the first try. What would a clean car be without jasmine, green apple or that ‘new car’ scent? We apply the air freshner of your choice or none at all, depending on your preference.

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