​RV & Boat Detailing

Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing has expanded our service offerings to include RVs and boats. We’ve increased our knowledge base and invested in the right equipment and tools to detail such specialized vehicles. We are aware of the fact that RVs and boats are exposed to the elements on a much different level than cars. Exposure to sand, sun, salt air and sea water requires the application of products specifically formulated for the task. The sheer size and distance travelled by an RV determines the work output and equipment used to effectively clean large vehicles.

Boat Interior Detailing

Boats are susceptible to fish blood, scum and rust stains as well as the elements. While cruising through the Gulf of Mexico, your boat will encounter intense sun, salt air and sea water. Even though you thoroughly clean your boat after each use, a good deep clean with wax and sealant will keep your boat in tip top shape as long as you own it. We employ phosphate free soaps because they are biodegradable and safe for use on our nation’s waterways. A super degreaser and nylon brush in varying strengths is used on your vinyl surfaces, from clear vinyl to seats.

Boat Exterior Detailing

Maximize your boat’s resale value by having your boat detailed monthly. Your boat’s exterior is exposed to sun, sand and sea damage which leads to early corrosion. We don’t miss a beat, crack or crevice. Our experienced detailers work from the bow to the stern. They clean inside drawers and below the deck. After using a quality eco-safe shampoo for your exterior, a UV protectant spray is applied to guard it from the sun’s powerful rays. A corrosion resistant spray is applied to all your boat’s hinges and electrical connections that may be exposed to rust. By the time we are done with your boat, you have no choice but to leave the dock with a glistening dream machine.

RV Detailing

The key to detailing a large RV is utilizing deionized water to prevent water stains. The other trick of the trade is to always have a telescopic handle handy to reach high places. Our professional detailers always start at the top of the cab. We use a foam washer to apply shampoo and employ a soft lambswool mitt to hand wash your RV from top to bottom. We invested in a $150 boars head brush to scrub your cloth awnings. Boars head is super soft and gentle to use on delicate surfaces. Your vents are cleaned thoroughly before a water based cleaner is used on the tires to prevent cracking. Wax is applied to a mechanical dual action polisher to uncover your RV’s brilliance.

RV Detailing Tools

A foam washer, air compressor, power washer, telescopic handle, lambswool mitt, dual action orbital buffer, boars head brush and deionized water are tricks of the trade in the RV detailing world. Although there is a large area to cover, gentle techniques must still be applied. Hire Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing to detail your RV before and after your annual trips. We will apply a ceramic coating to the paint surface before departure so that all you have to do while you’re away is spray it down, preferably with deionized water. Detailing makes your RV easier to maintain while you’re on the road.

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