​Scratch Removal

Run your hand across the surface of your vehicle. You can feel that it is gritty to the touch. That light sandpaper grit that you feel is dirt and debris lodged into your paint’s top coat. In the car detailing world, these imperfections are known as mars, dings, swirls and scratches. Most people consider this normal wear and tear. In reality, these can be prevented and easily removed. It’s not too late for your vehicle if you have significant paint failure. Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing has the remedy for you.

Your Paint’s Structure

Your paint can seem deceptively simple, but there is more than meets the eye. Arm yourself with as much education as possible to protect your investment. If your paint was a hamburger, the top coat would be the bun. It makes up 45-55% of your paint’s composition and is where the majority of paint failure occurs. The next layer on your burger is the cheese, or in the car world, better known as the paint color. The onions and tomatoes are symbolic of the primer. The primer is what bonds the paint color to the substrate. The actual beef patty is called the substrate. The substrate is the foundation of your paint’s total structure.

Causes of Paint Failure

Paint failure generally happens in the top coat of your car’s surface. UV inhibitors are deposited into the top coat to prevent deterioration from the sun. Over time, the molecules from the inhibitors rise to the top of the surface, rather than being evenly dispersed, rendering them less effective in protecting your ride from the sun. A mar is a scratch that is barely detectable. These are easily rubbed out with a polish or other compound. At a microscopic level mars and scratches can easily become lodged with dirt and other debris over time. If not removed, your paint job will suffer. Dings happen below the surface level and reach all the way down to the substrate. With the right strategy and effort, we can remedy those too.

Scratch Removal Process

If you’re seeking a car scratch removal service in Atlanta, you’ve come to the right place. After cleaning your car, we start the scratch removal process by claying your car. That’s right, we use a wet clay bar and gently rub it across your vehicle’s surface. The clay does not remove the scratch, it pulls the dirt and debris from the cracks in preparation for scratch removal. Afterwards we apply a scratch remover compound to a foam applicator powered by a dual action motorized polisher. The expert detailer works your vehicle in sections to ensure that he doesn’t miss a spot. This process is repeated until the scratches are removed. To protect your vehicle from future scratches and marring, a self- healing nano coating is applied.


Although car detailing is labor intensive and requires the use of specialized equipment and compounds, it is surprisingly affordable. When you consider the cost to have your car repainted, scratch removal is the economical way to go. We have a variety of detailing packages that are bound to be gentle on your pockets. There’s nothing like cruising down the road with in a shiny vehicle that looks and smells good. It doesn’t matter what you have on or where you’re going. As long as the sun is shining, life is good. Contact Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing for the ultimate car cleaning experience that meets you where ever you are.

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