Benefits of Ceramic Coating Your Car​

Before we go into the benefits to be attained when we at Atlanta Mobile Detailing, ceramic coat your car, we would like first to explain what ceramic coating is.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a process whereby the liquid polymer is applied to the exterior of a car to chemically bond with the vehicle’s factory paint and also create a layer of protection. It is important to note that a ceramic coating is not an alternative for paint protection film. Instead, it is a waxing alternative that does not require continuous application every few months.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

There are many benefits to be gained from applying the liquid polymer to your car, and they are:

  • Protects the vehicle from Oxidation and UV Damage

One of the primary reasons we at Atlanta Mobile Detailing encourage our clients to apply ceramic coatings to their car is to provide an extra layer of protection for the vehicle. When a car suffers from constant sun exposure, the paint begins to oxidize, it turns dull at a certain point before it eventually starts to peel off. Your car can gain extra protection from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun when you apply a ceramic coating.

  • Protects the car from etchings and chemical stains

We have seen a lot of cases where car owners made use of harsh solvents to wash their cars, and this eventually resulted in chemicals stains on the car. Chemical dyes and etchings can altogether be reduced when a chemical resistant surface such as synthetic coating exists on the vehicle. This way, contaminants can be prevented from bonding with the paint on your vehicle. However, if the contaminant is not removed in a timely manner, this can still pose a problem.

  • Makes for more natural cleaning of the car

Ever heard that ceramic coatings are hydrophobic? Well, now you know! Hydrophobic means that the coat acts as a water repellant. With hydrophobic ceramic layer on your car, water on the surface of the car beads and slides off easily. Dirt, mud, grime will find it harder to set on the car, and as a result, less effort is required to clear off contaminants.

  • Improves the appearance of the car

Have you ever seen a car with a glossy look? Well, that might just mean it has a ceramic coating on it. Apart from its practical purpose of protecting the car, the ceramic coating also helps in enhancing the looks of the vehicle. It helps add to the clarity and depth of the paint coat thereby creating a better sheen.

  • Strengthens the life of the car paint

Ceramic coating is another layer of insurance that prevents the color of the car from peeling off easily. Due to chemical bonding, the color of the car and the ceramic coat are infused together ensuring that the paint of the car is resistant to external factors that might affect it.

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