Engine Detailing​

You don’t have to be a car fanatic to have your engine detailed. Have you ever heard that your car runs better when it’s cleaned? Well, it’s absolutely true because your car will operate more efficiently when all the gunk and grime is removed from its operating system and housing. Contrary to popular belief, your engine is not supposed to be dirty. If it was, they would have sold it to you like that. Engine detailing is designed for aesthetics and performance. Our car club clients with chrome housing save time and money with engine detailing from Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing

The Dirt Factor

Dirt, tar dust and plant matter can accumulate in your engine from normal usage. Address it before it become a problem by adding engine detailing to your package. The solutions we use are safe for any engine and our application process is gentle yet thorough. You’ve held onto your dad’s 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500-KR for decades. Now it’s time to let it go and you want to prep it for sale. Don’t forget about detailing the engine because any serious car buyer will want to lift the hood before making a commitment to purchase your vintage vehicle.

The Process

We begin the process by blowing all the dirt, dust, tar and plant matter from the engine with an air compressor. Then we spray it down with a pressure washer and follow up with a degreaser. We use a brush to agitate the dirt and rinse again. A tar remover is applied and allowed to sit for three minutes. After we rinse it off we start working on the upper hood. An air compressor and microfiber towel is used to remove additional water from the engine. The expert detailer uses a water based dressing to make your engine gleam, wipes it off and you’re ready to go.

The Tools

An air compressor, pressure washer, brushes and microfiber towels are the tools we use to detail your engine. The air compressor and pressure washer allow us to work faster and more efficient. The microfiber towels are used specifically to leave a dust free finish. What matters most throughout the process is attention to little the things because luxury is in the details. It is not necessary to own an expensive car to opt for engine detailing. If you are a stickler about your car’s appearance and want a smoother ride, you’re going to love our engine detailing service. It’s quick, affordable and it speaks of luxury.


Sure, you can spend an hour or two detailing your engine, but you won’t be able to achieve the level of excellence you desire. Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailers have been in this business for over ten years and have literally detailed hundreds of engines. We have perfected our detailing process to a T. We can look at an engine and immediately determine which products to use and how much is necessary. Contrary to what many may think, engine detailing is affordable. Our rates are drastically below our competitors because we don’t believe in gouging our clients. Add engine detailing to your service – you will be happy that you did.

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