Our Visit to World of Coca-Cola

A trip to Atlanta, GA is not complete without a visit to the World of Coca-Cola shrine. Conveniently, it is located adjacent to the Georgia Aquarium. At first glance, you may be prone to assume it is a Coke Museum but, our tour through what the place had to offer changed this.

The place contains various exhibits showcasing the history of Coca-Cola, there are several taste tests and also art displays. At the time of our visit, entry for an adult cost $17. But, there are a lot of combo tickets with other Atlanta attractions available so be sure to take advantage of that. We also advise that you pre-purchase your tickets to avoid long waits at the ticket stands.

Now, I must admit that before our visit, I expected the World to be an entire advert for Coke imagine my surprise when it turned out to be more of a Disneyland-esque setup. How does a beverage company like Coke manage to turn the showcase of its product into entertainment? The answer is simple- by showing how this very product impacted the lives of Americans and it was shaped by history.

You have larger than life replicas of bottles of Coke displaying the beginnings of the beverage and how it evolved over the years. You also get to see how the drink was portrayed by various outstanding artists over the years. High tech is used to keep these exhibits engaging and entertaining.

Thinking of finding out the secret formula to Coke? Well, the Vault of the Secret Formula exhibit should be enough to keep your attention. Although you definitely won’t be finding out what the secret ingredient is you can at least gain insight into some of the things used.

From the display in the building, it is quite clear to see the prevalence of the beverage in American history and pop culture. The view of history provided is unique and fun to look at. You get to see how Coca-Cola through new inventions, sports events, wars and dominance of artists has always been there.

What I would consider being a significant letdown through our tour of the place was the 4D film “Search of the Secret Formula.” Remember how I said at the beginning that I hoped the World of Coca-Cola was just one big commercial for Coke? Well, the movie proved me right in that it was a thinly veiled attempt at encouraging we the consumers to purchase it.

It felt like the premise of the movie was to push the drinking of Coke, and the entertainment aspect was just hindsight. Kids are sure to love it due to its otherworldliness- thanks to 4D, but adults might like to look for something else. Visitors can also see a small bottling line at work or do a meet and greet with the Coca-Cola bear mascot.

There is also another theater showcasing old Coca-Cola commercials. To conclude the tour, there is a taste-testing room with beverages from all around the world totaling over 100.


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