Services We Offer

Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing specializes in servicing boats, cars, motorcycles and RVs. We do more than get your vehicle whistle clean. We use our expertise to protect your vehicle’s paint surface. Our detailing extends to your engine, inside your drawers and below your deck storage. We take pride in what we do and make it our mission to satisfy every customer. Our detailers are car nerds who spend their free time researching new products and techniques. We attend the annual car wash show in Las Vegas to discover revolutionary solutions and compounds that will help us operate our business more efficiently.

Perhaps you have a car show scheduled for next month. You want to represent your brand and your car club well. Being a car enthusiast since you were a boy, you know the ins and outs of detailing a car. However, your full time job, family and band prevents you from dedicating the time necessary to get your car show ready. If you lack the resources to do a good job, contact us. Our professionals will detail your interior and exterior, plus pay special attention to your engine. We will use a clay bar to remove any paint contaminates and then treat your paint with a ceramic coating. After the coating is applied, any mars, scratches or swirling that is present will disappear. Get your car show ready with Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing.

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