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The beautiful thing about Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing is that we come to you. No waiting in line and no traveling across town to have your favorite car wash detail your car. In fact, you can have your car detailed while in your pajamas within the comfort of your own home.
If it’s more convenient for us to detail your vehicle at work, we are happy to meet you there as well. Within our mobile detail van we have everything we need, including a deionized water source. You will find our detailers to be friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

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​Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing services are not limited to cars. We expanded our offerings to include RVs, motorcycles and boats. Recognizing that each vehicle type has varying degrees of exposure to the elements, we researched and perfected cleaning and maintenance methods for every vehicle category we service. Of course we detail the interior and exterior of your vehicle, but we take things one step further by servicing your engine and providing scratch removal as part of your detail offerings. A double wash combined with a clay treatment, followed by a protective ceramic coating will have you winning for at least a year. Depending on the level of use, that sealant could last anywhere from one to seven years.

Most laypersons don’t realize how complex paint can be. Thankfully there are many layers, allowing us to remove scratches from the top layer without destroying the other layers in the process. At Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing, our primary goal is to get your vehicle gleaming like new but also to prevent any future paint failure. We do this by employing techniques and solutions that do the trick without damaging your car’s exterior.

The interior of your vehicle is much more difficult to tackle. Unlike detailing your exterior, our range of motion is limited by the steering wheel, seats and roof. Nonetheless we have developed a fool proof technique that gets our client’s to smile every time. Our detailers are trained to utilize a fifteen step process when cleaning any vehicle. This may sound like an arduous task, but it allows us to work efficiently and swiftly, which saves you money.

Contact Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing for all your scratch removal needs because we possess the tools and skills to get the job done. Anyone can walk into Auto Zone and walk out with a solution ‘guaranteed’ to remove the scratches. These solutions do work but they are low quality compounds. Unless you’ve been trained, your application process will do more harm than good. To do the job right, you’ll need to invest in a lot more than a microfiber towel and a bottle of sealant.

About Us

For over ten years we have been the leading mobile car detailers within the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our clients comment favorably on our level of professionalism and industry knowledge. Ask us any question about maintaining your vehicle’s interior or exterior and you can be assured that we have the right answer. Our guys are like walking encyclopedias filled with car detailing knowledge. Our hard work and attention to detail has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing’s Yelp reviews are so stellar, you will wonder why you didn’t contact us earlier.

Ceramic Coatings have revolutionized the way Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing details cars. There are a variety of brands on the market, each promising to be better than the other. We have settled on two very effective coatings. They are both premium sealants, however, the second one has a self healing feature coded into its composition that allows the top coat to heal itself when subjected to 60 degree temperatures. It would be our pleasure to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle.

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to have your engine detailed. Some women believe that engine detailing is something frivolous that men waste their money on. On the contrary, every operating vehicle is worthy of a thorough engine detail. Engine detailing prevents corrosion and mechanical malfunction. After your engine is detailed you will notice a tangible difference in how your vehicle runs. If your engine’s components are covered in gunk, grease, tar and dirt, they are unable to operate efficiently.

The RV is designed for a family to travel thousands of miles in comfort. While it is traveling, it’s picking up all manner of insects, dirt, dust, tar and debris. Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing would be happy to detail your RV before departure and upon your return. Detailing makes your RV easier to maintenance while you’re on the road. Your boat is exposed to fish blood, scum, rust, algae, salt air and sea water. We utilize a biodegradable cleaner to rid your boat of contaminates.

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​For excellence in car detailing, contact Atlanta Elite Mobile Car Detailing. You will be impressed with our level of professionalism, equipment and expertise. There are a variety of techniques we employ to maintain your vehicle’s paint. In addition to cleaning your vehicle twice, we utilize a fallout spray compound to prevent rust. A clay bar is utilized to remove dirt and debris from the cracks in your top coat. Our detailers apply a ceramic coating to remove any scratches, marring and swirls. To keep your vehicle looking new, contact us to discover our rates. You will discover that we are surprisingly affordable.

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